December 15, 2023

Turbulence warns Obeah workers on new single

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International reggae artiste Turbulence warns the youth of Jamaica not to get caught up in the practice of obeah with his single titled No Obeah.

“I notice nowadays a lot of the youths coming up in the music business are promoting the use of Obeah. You hear it in their songs; they keep singing about oil and powder and guzzu. This kind of message will lead the people into darkness and confusion. Jamaica is a God-blessed country and we don’t want that to change. So, I am asking them to stop promoting obeah in the music,” he said.

The song which was produced by Grand Cayman-based dancehall artiste/producer Appallo J was recently released on the Top Score Records imprint.

“Turbulence and I have been putting a lot of promotion behind this song and it’s getting strong support from DJs in Cayman, Jamaica, the US, the UK, and Europe. It’s a powerful song and we’re going to push it all the way to the top,” said Appallo J.

Turbulence is also promoting a new single titled Burn Dem Down which was done in collaboration with Jah Lama on the Pandemic Records imprint.

He is also booked to perform along with his Higher Trod Crew at Jah Lama’s EP launch and stage show which is scheduled to take place on Friday at Stafton Block Factory in Chapleton in Clarendon.

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