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Common  Questions

Did The Edge replace Fyah 105 FM?

Not at all, both stations coexist on the same FM band. Fyah 105 is our sister station, so we now share a split frequency. You can find us —The Edge— at 105.1 and 105.3 Mhz, while Fyah is now found at 105.7 and 105.9 Mhz.

When did The Edge 105 come about?

We officially launched our live broadcasting and programmes on Monday, February 10, 2020 at 6:00 AM, after completing a two-week test broadcast phase.

Is The Edge 105 available for online listening?

Absolutely, you can use our live stream to listen to our programmes every day right here on this website, or simply scroll to the player on your screen and press play to enjoy.

Where exactly is The Edge 105 FM?

We’re located on the Jamaica Observer premises at 40-42 ½ Beechwood Avenue, Kingston 5 in Jamaica, West Indies.

Where do I find The Edge 105 FM on my radio?

You can find us on your FM band at frequencies 105.1 and 105.3 megahertz if you’re tuning in with a radio.

Is The Edge available in my area?

Our station is set up for nationwide broadcasting and we also have live stream listening, so feel free to tune in anywhere, at any time.

What kind of music does The Edge 105 play?

We’re proud purveyors of first-rate, authentic reggae and reggae-fusion music, which includes the Global Reggae Top 40, quality classics, gospel and Triple A songs from Jamaica and around the world. It’s a healthy, refreshing mix that keeps you lifted all through the day and night.

I’m interested in applying for a job at The Edge, how do I do that?

We’ll be happy to receive and review your application, please send your credentials to us via e-mail at [email protected].

How can I request sponsorship from or propose a partnership with The Edge for my idea/event/contest?

You may send us your proposal via e-mail to the requisite department below:
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

What is the message of The Edge 105 FM?

Our slogan “your life, your music”, conveys our message pretty well. We carried out extensive market research for several years to find out what listeners really want from radio, then used the information we gathered to inform our music and programme offerings and set out to carve our niche in the media landscape.

You’ll find that everything we provide is not only relatable, but also designed to uplift, empower, inform and entertain you… all while celebrating the diversity and quality of Jamaica’s artistic talents and incomparable cultural influence worldwide.

What is the station’s vision?

In a nutshell, we want to spark change in a number of areas. Our aim is to celebrate reggae and, in so doing, provide a ray of hope to our listeners.
Whether through using the information we provide, which helps them to see things differently and apply this newfound knowledge to improve their quality of life; engage in and respect their culture more; or just have a safe space to come to each day where they can laugh, dance, connect, unwind and learn all about what’s happening.

The Edge 105 is being promoted as interactive and inventive radio, what does this mean?

We are indeed both of these things—inventive, because we’re the only media house in the Jamaican landscape playing the music we do; we’re entirely data-driven and we’re a themed station with a very specific focus and desired outcome, designed around our listeners’ needs and built on their feedback and engagement.

You can interact with us during shows while we’re live on air via our social media accounts, WhatsApp or calling in to the studio line directly; as well as submit your ideas and responses to us beforehand or after for us to integrate into the shows, or centre them.

Every programme is a conversation between host, listener and guest or consulting expert on the subject, so your voice is always part of every conversation we have.

Will there be shows at nights and on weekends?

We’ll definitely be expanding our offerings as we continue to grow, so watch this space for more details.

How do I submit my music for consideration?

Please take a look at the guidelines to upload your music

I have a great idea for a show/segment, how do pitch this to your programmes department, and what do I need to know first?

Great question, please read the programme pitch guidelines here, then send your request to us by e-mail at [email protected] so our production department can review it.

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