October 17, 2023

D’Yani makes inroads with Nigerian collaboration

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via jamaicaobserver.com

Singer D’Yani says his collaboration, We Up, with Nigerian Afrobeats singer Balloranking has won him a growing fan base outside of Jamaica.

We Up, which is included on Balloranking’s latest album Ghetto Gospel, has moved up from #82 to #67 in its fourth week on the Nigeria Hot 100 Singles chart.

In an interview Tuesday, D’Yani explained how the collaboration with Balloranking came about.

“The collaboration was through social media. He reached out [to me] about his project and getting a feature for it. He played the track and I really liked the vibe, so I went through with it,” said the Feelings singer.

D’Yani continued, “The collaboration has done wonders so far, the growth has been amazing. Balloranking is highly loved in Nigeria, so with the integration of my sound in the Nigerian and surrounding African space has resulted [in me gaining] some new fans.”

Asked whether he was surprised when the song made it onto the Nigerian charts, D’Yani said, “In all honesty, I had no expectations. I was doing the music from a pure space. I genuinely liked the message and the song. So I felt a part of it, and therefore the results of what I sang has been well-received.”

D’Yani said he is pleased with the feedback to the song which impacted streaming activity for his other music as well as his social media platforms.

“I have gotten new fans, new markets to tap into to promote myself and my music. Its always a good thing. I have seen the result in my streams and interaction on social media as well,” he disclosed.

In August, he performed at the Chris Brown and Friends concert at the National Stadium. Last month, he made his debut at the West Indian Day Parade in New York.

Known for songs including Feelings (remix) with Jada Kingdom, Yaad Man, Heaven Telegram and Birthday, D’Yani recently released the songs Live a Little (produced by Xterminator Productions) and Goddess (produced by Echo Beats).

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