November 15, 2021

Sean Kingston’s legal team denies allegations he assaulted music video director

article reposted by Chelsea


The legal team representing Jamaican-American singer Sean Kingston has vehemently denied allegations that he assaulted his video director.

The allegations stem from a police report filed with the Los Angeles Police Department by Kingston’s video director.

According to the video director,who uses the moniker GXDLIKE, he was on Friday (November 5) asked by Kingston to film something.

GXDLIKE said upon informing him that his phone was dead, Kingston punched him in the face, then dragged him into the hallway and pulled out a gun telling him to pack his belongings and leave.

The video director said that he had been living with Kingston for close to three months when the incident occurred.

While noting that he had received a few cuts on his face, GXDLIKE said he had no major injuries.

Kingston’s representative slammed the allegations made against the singer as “false” adding that the video director had been “terminated”.

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