December 20, 2023

Benzly Hype scores with re-released project

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Recording artiste Benzly Hype has re-released one of his most popular projects, the track The Break Down by the Innocent Kru.

The Break Down is basically a feel-good dance song with lyrics of old-time, rural Jamaica. It features chanting with the flows clicking to the tempo of Sly’s drum playing. I wrote it and called my brother Prince Zimboo to do the intro and put on a verse. Coppa did the second verse, but never wanted to do the video with me, so had to do a remix The Break Down 2,” the artiste said.

In addition to Benzly Hype, the featured acts include the late Clumsy Daps, Macka Head, and Coppa Kid.

“The original song was released 20 years ago when I elevated from just an artiste with Innocent Kru and started producing with Sly Dunbar,” he added.

Since its release, the track has been trending on social media platform TikTok and has spread in popularity throughout other platforms.

“The digital release came about when I approached Sly during the pandemic and told him I wanted to release all Innocent Kru songs — released and unreleased — on a series I called The Lost Tapes. He agreed and I started working on remixing, remastering, et cetera. We ended up recording an EP that will soon be released,” he revealed.

As the only active member of Innocent Kru, Benzly Hype’s goal is to keep the music alive on the local and international scene, adding new flavours to the already high quality music.

“My goal with this project, which I’ve pretty much achieved, is a resurgence of fun, feel good music while bringing back Benzly Hype and The Innocent Kru’s energy to the dancehall audience. I love to do things that have never been done before and break the mould. I’m known for that, and I’ve done it; I have to give thanks to everybody that has made this possible,” the artiste expressed.

Benzly Hype is the son of singer Ainsley Morris. He was the star of the television drama Mi and Mi Kru, which started in 2009. It ran for a few seasons and is built around Benzly Hype and members — all cousins — of dancehall group Innocent Crew. Directed by Kurt Wright and Robin Chin, it also starred Audrey Reid, Professor Nuts, and Vas Blackwood.

He has several projects in the pipeline, such as a new EP with Sly Dunbar called ONYX, a soon-to-be-released album, titled Dirt Star, courtesy of Mojo Majesty/Hyyype Boyz, as well as two new videos slated for January 2024.

He is also planning to drop another Lost Tape (part 3), along with The Benzly Hype Anthology, which will remake past hits such as Sunglasses At Night, Baby On The Brain, and Mirror.

“I’m trying my best to keep the name alive. We’re pushing the boundaries as usual. My motto is: Your dreams are your limits, so we’re bringing back some fun, energy, light, and creativity, as we always do. Also, look out for Mi and Mi Kru, Season 4; it’s coming in 2024,” Benzly Hype said.

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