December 15, 2023

Stick Figure earns first RIAA gold-certified reggae single with Smokin Love

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Stick Figure, the top-selling American reggae band led by vocalist, producer and musician Scott Woodruff, earned its first Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)-certified single recently with Smokin Love.

Released in 2015 and included on the band’s Set in Stone album, Smokin Love was certified gold on November 29 for sales and streaming equivalent exceeding 500,000 units.

Reggae artiste and Grammy nominee Collie Buddz is featured on Smokin Love.

In an interview with the Jamaica Observer, Woodruff explained how the collaboration with Collie Buddz came about.

“It certainly was an honour working with Collie, his music was a big inspiration when I first started writing music. I made the song just messing around over a few days. When I wrote the chorus I kept hearing his voice and knew he would be a good fit. I took a shot in the dark and sent the track to Collie, and to my surprise he sent it back with his verse almost immediately. It was one of those moments where everything lined up perfectly,” Woodruff recalled.

He continued: “Working with Collie Buddz was easy and fun. His voice fits so perfectly on this track and it’s become a staple in our live show ever since its release. We’ve performed it together at shows many times and it’s always a fun one.”

Woodruff says the certification of Smokin Love is as a result of the support of fans of reggae music.

“It still feels pretty wild to me, but it’s honestly just a testament to the fans and the support for reggae music in America and worldwide. People are realising that reggae music, which came out of Jamaica, has really spread its message and influence all over the world and makes a big impact on people every day. I wrote and recorded this song in my bedroom and released it 100 per cent independently. On one level, this certification signifies that you don’t need a big recording studio or major label deal anymore to get the music to the masses and become recognised. There has never been a better time for independent artistes.”

Stick Figure has released seven full-length studio albums to date. Three of those, World on Fire, Wisdom and Set in Stone, ranked inside the top 10 of Billboard’s Year End chart for 2023. In 2021, and again in 2022, Set in Stone and World on Fire made the 10-year-end charts.

Woodruff shared what these yearly placements (the albums chart each week on the weekly Billboard Reggae Albums rankings) meant for the Stick Figure brand.

“It’s always rewarding and encouraging to see stuff like that and it’s an honour that people are listening. When writing a song or making a record, the goal has never been to make the charts or do certain numbers. I just try to always give it my best effort, write music that feels true to me, and hope in the end that the music will resonate with people and they will find joy in listening. That’s all,” Woodruff reasoned.


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