January 12, 2024

Industry insiders weigh in on Jada Kingdom, Stefflon Don lyrical spat

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What remains an escalating feud between recording artistes Jada Kingdom and Stefflon Don has somewhat enlivened the entertainment scene with social media overflowing like lava from an erupting volcano.

The lyrical drama which began last weekend when Stefflon Don dropped a track on Rvssian’s Dutty Money rhythm intensified with Jada Kingdom’s ‘diss’ track, London Bed targeting Stefflon Don over alleged personal matters.

The ongoing lyrical feud caught the attention of international recording artiste Sean Paul, who made a post on his Instagram on Wednesday.

The post read: “I doe love this not one tall. Woman should be warriors yes. But 4 a cause. U should lead the way morally 4 the fam. Men get heated. U calm us down. How can we calm down if yall doin dat 2. 2 beautiful black woman. Live beta. Set a beta example pls. 4 the culture mah beg uno. 4 the kids. 4 the younger females. @stefflondon @jadakingdom Done talk.”

Stefflon Don commented on the post: “It’s not that serious, trust me, just sum fun.”

Several members from the entertainment fraternity commented in solidarity with Sean Paul’s post, among them are Brick and Lace singer Nyla, singer Natel, David Ireland of Ireland Records, broadcaster Candice Buchanan, and marketing wiz Shantell Alfonso.

In an interview with the Jamaica Observer, members of the entertainment fraternity shared their views on the ongoing clash between Jada Kingdom and Stefflon Don.

Founding general manager of Irie FM and media consultant Clyde McKenzie said the clash between both artistes can be advantageous.

“This one really has international dimensions. It is British, American, African in its focus and, of course, the Jamaican influence all around. These dust-ups can be advantageous to the protagonists due to their virality. People from all walks of life love controversy, which is the lifeblood of social media sites. Social media algorithms are deliberately configured to promote controversy. So, yes, artistes can enhance their visibility with this kind of behaviour. However, for it to confer real advantage on the participants in such drama it should inspire a certain kind of creativity, which will make witnesses to the spectacle sit up and take note. If there is no musical output of note from the drama I believe it is akin to the dog chasing the car. What will you do when the car stops? So why do we love to expose our dirty linen in public? It sells,” said McKenzie.

Artiste manager and music producer Ralston Barrett had a different take on the matter.

“Aside from the social media views, likes, and comments, and probably some street cred, I don’t think there’s any real benefits to be had from this clash for either artiste. Stefflon Don and Jada Kingdom are two very talented young ladies, and I believe they could do more for the music by uniting and making good music without tearing each other down,” said Barrett.

He added: “I love dancehall music and the culture and clashes are big part of the culture, but I don’t like when the clashes get personal and nasty. I’m happy that Sean Paul stepped in and advised them to stop, and they heeded his advice.”

Music producer Melio Sounds, who worked on the track Forward from Trini, which is included on rapper Nicki Minaj’s #1 Billboard album Pink Friday 2, was guarded in his response to the drama.

“All mi can seh is, if both acts play dem cards right, it can be beneficial to both in a very huge way, because this beef has sparked international media overnight,” said Melio Sounds.

Said radio jock and music producer Kurt “The Party Animal” Riley: “To be fair, both Jada and Steff are both artistes in their respective space in dancehall. What sparked this energy is between both of them, and they choose to kinda go at it for now while show who can say what to win. That’s what clash is about. Now these ladies are not using gloves and one a talk a bag a tings. Anything a anything. So it go. Some will like it and some won’t. In the end, they will still be doing shows, making music, money, and still have their respective fan base.”

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