November 15, 2021

Lila Iké’s stylist confirms she is ‘safe’ after cryptic tweets

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Reggae singer Lila Iké is said to be “safe” after a series of cryptic tweets which left some fans confused and worried.

In an early Monday (November 16) post on Instagram Iké’s stylist,Shampagne, shared a message signed by the artiste.

“On behalf of Lila Iké, thank you for your concerns, we really appreciate it. She’s safe,” read the message.

The reggae singer sent Twitter users into a frenzy when she used the platform to share a series of cryptic tweets.

The tweets,not only raised eyebrows on the platform but were interpreted by fans as acry for help, with some going as far as to tag the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

Fellow artistes, namely Jesse Royal and Blvk H3ro, upon seeing the messages tweeted their support for the singer.

“U Covered Inna Real Life…Love U Sis @LilaIkeJa,” tweeted fellow artiste Jesse Royal.

While Blvk H3ro encouraged fans to wait before jumping to conclusion

“Nobody doesn’t even know fully wats up so before you speculate and fuel hysteria wait until we get more information in regards to Lila,” added Blvk H3ro

Shampagne has styled Iké on numerous occasions.

The noted stylist has worked with Iké on video sets as well as, styled her for major performances .

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