D’Yani looking to release EP this year

March 8, 2024

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After saturating the airwaves and playlists with songs, including Birthday, Heaven Telegram, Letter, Made for This, and the hit collaboration Feelings (remix) featuring Jada Kingdom, singer D’Yani is gearing up to release an EP.

“After releasing Feelings, so much has been happening. I’ve been releasing singles and doing shows overseas. It’s just to get the brand known worldwide,” D’Yani shared in an interview with the Jamaica Observer last Saturday at the Barbican Astra Turf in Kingston.

D’Yani, who keeps fit by playing a game of football at least twice per week, says his forthcoming EP will give fans more of an identity to his brand.

“Yes, we a prepare for a project. I can’t disclose much, but we have a couple singles out right now like Ambiance and Lock N Key which we are promoting. We get a couple hjits and now is the time to solidify a project fi give some identity to what brand D’Yani is,” the artiste disclosed.

Lock N Key, produced by 9X Music, was released February 21.

The singer says his most recent sojourn in the United Kingdom opened his eyes to the fanbase that he has outside of Jamaica.

“We did a couple of collabs in the UK, we also did some shows one of which included Masicka and that one was awesome for me. I have a wide fanbase in the UK and Europe,” said D’Yani.

He continued: “Through networking I was able to capitalise on the promotion that I did in the UK, keeping connected with the fans, keeping visible, while trying to be strategic not only with the music, but also with the brand as well.”

Markus Records, Echo Beats and Mari are just some of the producers whom D’Yani has been working with to produce the EP, which he says will show his maturity and growth.

“There’s maturity in the sound. The EP will be supp’n nice, nutten too extreme, suppen short and spicy, so the people can have time to listen to what I bring to the table. For me, music is always a process; never something I try to force. Authenticity is what defines me musically. I try to be myself as much as possible. My core values are still the same,” D’Yani said.

Asked whether he has had to compromise on quality to keep up with the current trends, D’Yani said: “I like experimenting with music. I know my style and the lane I’m in. I like to dabble in music as well. I’m a reggae-dancehall artiste but I’m also an experimental artiste.”

Feelings (remix) featuring Jada Kingdom has been his biggest hit to date.

“It was a massive song for me. Big up Jada Kingdom, that song opened many doors and also put me in positions I wouldn’t normally see myself. We have other songs already in the chamber, but music for me is not a sprint, it’s a marathon, and it’s just the right timing when it’s ready,” said D’Yani.

A past student of Wolmer’s Boys’ School, he represented the institution playing football in Manning Cup, Pepsi, Colts and later matriculated into playing for the national team.

“I’ve always had an appreciation for the sport. It’s my favourite pastime outside of music,” he shared.

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