November 17, 2021

Lila Ike assures fans she’s safe after coming out as lesbian

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Reggae artiste Lila Ike has issued a statement assuring fans that she is safe following a series of cryptic posts on her social media accounts on Sunday night.

“I want everyone to know that I am safe. I am sorry if I alarmed anyone of any immediate threats to my well being,” she said on Tuesday in a post on Instagram.

The I Spy singer left fans worried on Sunday after she alleged that someone was trying to blackmail her because of her sexual orientation. 

“They have been trying to kill me Day 1. Reggae music will never die even if a girl who loves woman is singing it,” she wrote in an Instagram Story before going live.

“Yow for the whole day mi a try get everybody to save mi life. The whole day. Reggae music can never dead. Dem wah expose Tru mi have a picture wid a girl, Tru mi have a picture with a girl? You not listening to the music, uno gone ina uno bed,” she said later on her IG Live.

Her statements on Instagram were followed by a series of tweets in which she alleged that she was the victim of rape, and revealed that she was a lesbian. 

“I am Lila Ike I am into women and I’ve been making reggae music,” she said. 

But Lila Ike explained in her statement that she has been having mental health struggles recently which manifested in her social media meltdown. 

“I have been struggling with my mental health for sometime which manifested in my recent social posts. I am working through this day by day and will address other matters in my own time. In every journey in life there is a moment of chaos before we reach peace. I’m on my journey to heal. Thanks for your support. Blessing and light.”

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