July 7, 2021

Chronixx weighs in on debate on 90s dancehall

article reposted by Chelsea Durrant


Dancehall’s sound is ever-evolving. At least that what’s reggae singer Chronixx thinks. The I Can artiste weighed in on the debate surrounding dancehall’s beat changing over the years in an Instagram story post.

The debate was started by international reggae artiste Shaggy who argued in a recent interview that 90s dancehall is the better version of the genre.

But Chronixx disagrees. In fact, he argues that 90s dancehall was actually an inferior version to its predecessors.

“90s dancehall was a massive water down to the original Jamaican dancehall sound from the late 70s-80s,” he wrote.

Chronixx argued that dancehall has changed over the years, but continues to attract fans.

“Do young people love 90s dancehall more dan teacher [Vybz Kartel] an vaado [Mavado] and gong and dem man deh?” he asked.

Shaggy had argued in his interview that there is no more “dance” in dancehall.

“The beat itself, they’ve taken the dance out of dancehall. If you listen to the new dancehall now, the style that they’re on, it’s kinda like a trap fusion dancehall. You go to a dancehall party people stand up and they’ll sing these lines, it’s like a sing-along, more so than a dance along,” he said.

But Chronixx argued that even as the beat evolves, dancehall in itself will never change.

“Dancehall is forever like how ska is forever. Can’t stop and will never die, free the youths,” he said. “I know some Jamaican artist/producers right now who are breaking sound barriers… I an I rate dem highly.”

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