September 8, 2023

Roze Don’s back-to-school treat a hit in Central Village

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With her daughter clutching a school bag and other school supplies, a mother made her way over to dancehall artiste Roze Don, who had just finished an interview with this writer on Big Lane in Central Village on Wednesday evening.

The woman, who didn’t want her name to be published, spoke with the First Night artiste, but her body language said it all: She was appreciative of the first staging of his back-to-school treat in the community.

“Roze Don, mi just waan tell yuh thanks for what you’re doing in the community. We appreciate all of it. You know how much children don’t have anything to go back to school with? Thank you from the bottom of mi heart,” she expressed.

The lanky 22-year-old deejay, who resided in the community up until the age of 16, said he was moved to put on the back-to-school treat because of previous circumstances.

“Growing up in Central Village I wasn’t among those who were less fortunate, but there were a lot of kids who didn’t have school supplies for back-to-school and treats were being held back then. But, like you know, violence and certain things break certain things. So is like treat never did a keep close to 10 years now. So mi try build back da love deh wid everybody and the kids dem, and mek dem know say the kids are the future,” Roze Don explained to the Jamaica Observer.

He said sponsors, among them Romeich Entertainment, Countree Hype Entertainment. and 2 Flashy Records, joined him in bearing the expenses for hosting the treat.

“Everything is just me and mi selector fren dem weh mi go stage show wid. We get some assistance from some sponsors from the entertainment fraternity, so a just we a do everything,” said Roze Don.

It also was held in association with Rockwildaz Sound.

Roze Don said the gratitude expressed by the parent has given him the urge to continue to do more with his Roze Don Care Foundation, which he says will help less fortunate individuals within the community.

“Really and truly, what she said mek me feel overwhelmed even though mi a tek it easy. Before mi come out here at the treat mi deh deh wid mi bro and mi a say, ‘Look how we used to a go treat inna di community as kids and now we a keep treat.’ Is an overwhelming feeling and mi love it,” Roze Don reasoned.

He added, “Yuh waa si, mi really surprised at the turnout. Bwoy, mi really never have so many things to give them, but mi love di look.”

The treat was held on the playing field on Big Lane and was attended by several children and adults.

Recorded music provided by sound system Rockwildaz kept the children entertained along with the games and the bounce-a-bout.

Popular dancers group High Flamez with Kaka High Flames worked up a sweat entertaining the young ones in the afternoon.

Roze Don, who exploded on the music scene three years ago, is best known for songs Bakshot and Jiff, as well as chart-topper White Rum.

His latest single Unch It, which is produced by Countree Hype Entertainment, will see its official video being released this weekend.

Born Jayvon Rose, Roze Don attended St Catherine High where he graduated with six Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate passes. He later studied for an associate’s degree in business at the Portmore Community College and then took up a job at a business process outsourcing company before venturing into music.

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