September 8, 2023

Kerry Lopez says Violence Fi Cease

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Both scientific and informal polls of Jamaicans over the past 30 years have shown crime and violence to be among the nation’s main concerns. Count Kerry Lopez among the beleaguered.

Bloodshed is the focus of Violence Fi Cease, her latest song which is produced by Adrian Clarke.

Released in 2020, the roots singer said it was never promoted properly due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

With criminality still rampant, she believes Violence Fi Cease‘s message is relevant.

“I think that people need to stop violating each other, small violations lead to big violence. We also have too much single parents, children are under a lot of pressure without proper supervision, which allows them to engage in wrongdoing most times,” said Lopez.

From quiet Chudleigh district in Manchester, Lopez did not experience a lot of hostility in her hometown.

Since she began recording in 2005, several of her songs have been inspired by social themes, including Dearest Daddy, which is a tribute to “amazing fathers”.

Unknown and True Intention are other songs Lopez has released in the past two years.

She hopes Violence Fi Cease will have a profound impact on her countrymen.

“I know that the measure of a man is not how tall he stands but how firm he or she is. Words sound is powerful and I’m humbled by powerful words that I’ve heard from great messengers,” Lopez reasoned.

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