July 22, 2021

Kevin Hart shows off his Jamaican side

article reposted by Chelsea Durrant


It appears that comedian Kevin Hart’s friendship with sprint king Usain Bolt may have had the effect of developing his inner Jamaican. 

The Ride Along star recently put his patois skills on show when he uploaded a video of himself attempting to speak in the Jamaican dialect dubbing himself  ‘Island Dave’ as he seemingly vacations in Jamaica. 

“Island Dave here, Island Dave on an island, wha gwaan girl, wha gwaan pretty girl” he remarked to females giggling in the background. 

The video continued  with him saying “big up uself girl, go get you some steam fish and okra, some steam fish and okra girl, wha gwaan pretty girl, go s–k your modda.”

It’s uncertain if the ‘Island Dave’ could blossom into a character for the famed actor but he gave a little biography in the caption of the post with “Island Dave is special….he never wears shirts and he loves steam fish & okra.”

Based on his social media posting, Hart and his family are living it up in Jamaica. So far, we’ve seen them boat rides, deep sea diving and other activities. 

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