August 19, 2022

Pollock teams with Nation Boss

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Budding producer Doni Pollock has nabbed his most ambitious project to date. He is the co-producer of reggae artiste Nation Boss’s forthcoming EP titled Inkosi.

Pollock, through his Doni Music Productions label, produced the EP’s first single Solidarity, released on August 12.

“It was a great feeling working with Nation Boss. It was all-natural energy. Solidarity was recorded within an hour and it was just the vibe and how the artiste was feeling at the moment, while listening to the beat. That’s how the inspiration for the song came about,” Pollock shared with the Jamaica Observer‘s Splash.

Inkosi is scheduled to be released in October.

“The EP will be released sometime in October of this year for the artiste to celebrate his birthday with his fans,” said Pollock.

An official video for Solidarity was released on August 12.

Last year, Nation Boss topped the charts with his viral hit Humans. Since then, he has released a number of thought-provoking songs including Emotions, Faith, Dream and Vision.

Pollock, who made his musical debut in 2017, has worked with a number of acts over the period. They include Pamputtae, I Octane, Star Captyn, Esco, Clymaxx, Gaza Kim and Gaza Sheba.

“My very first project was a riddim juggling called Hot Tonight which featured a few local artistes such as Digital Sham, Iahba, Q-Pedd from Trinidad, Jah Fabio from Mexico and Banton from Costa Rica,” Pollock disclosed.

Pollock is from Tower Hill in the Corporate Area. He attended Norman Manley High School.

Asked what he brings to the area of music production, Pollock said: “I would say that I bring a more modern dancehall sound joined with the 90s dancehall and reggae sound and put them all together to create my own pattern and style in the music. With a sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and colour.”

— Kevin Jackson

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