January 12, 2024

Warrior King aims high for 2024

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via jamaicaobserver.com

Reggae artiste Warrior King has high hopes for his first track of the year titled People Of This World.

Officially released on January 5, the track was produced by Big Feet Records.

“Wars and rumors of wars; it’s the time that we are living in, and it’s just the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy which is recorded in the Bible. This song gives the fundamental reasons that cause wars and also solutions. It makes mention of the League of Nations, which is now the United Nation, of which Haile Selassie I is the only head of State to address both, for He is the Lion of Judah,” the artiste explained about the song’s meaning.

Working with the label for the first time, the artiste is pleased with the final product.

“The connection with Big Feet Records and I was made through a friend of mine named Natty Crooks. He is from Costa Rica and he runs a dubplate agency,” the singer said.

Since its release, the track has been getting rave reviews on and offline. With the positive response to the track so far, he has high hopes for its continued success.

“This is a great song and it will reach the right people. For Jah giveth the words to be published,” he continued.

With a musical journey spanning over two decades, Warrior King has been reeling out hits throughout his career such as Virtuous Woman, Can’t Get Me Down, Rough Road, and Never Go Where Pagans Go.

“2023 was a great year for me. There was a lot of progress made. I have to give thanks to my main management team, give thanks to my fans and all praises to Jah,” Warrior King said.

With a fresh year ahead, the artiste is gearing up for several performances across the globe, including Trinidad and Tobago, Canada, UK, and other parts of Europe and Africa.

“For this new year, 2024, the fans can expect more quality and substantial music, a new album, and more collaborations with artistes from different parts of the world,” he told the Observer.

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