December 6, 2021

Fae Ellington under fire for labelling Rihanna’s outfit ‘inappropriate’

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Veteran broadcaster, Fae Ellington has been the subject of harsh criticism via social media after labelling Rihanna’s outfit for her National Hero ceremony, ‘inappropriate’.

Ellington was speaking with a local print media when she said the newly-minted National Hero of Barbados’ outfit was “most inappropriate” and indicated that the Bajan fashion icon’s “boobs were just jumping up and down in the frock.”

Ellington, who is a specialist broadcaster for national events, shared that even if the superstar singer may not have known the announcement was going to be made at last week’s ceremony, a national function would have warranted a more appropriate ensemble stating that “there is a time and place for everything.”

But many Jamaicans including local entertainers did not agree with Ellington. Dubbing today’s era as ‘modern’, social media users lashed out at the broadcaster urging her to ‘mind her own business.’

Popular dancehall artiste, Cham said as much in his Instagram comment. “Fae Guh Mind Yu Own Business,” he wrote.

Controversial deejay Mr Vegas also shared his opinion. In a lengthy Instagram post, the I Am Blessed singer said Rihanna’s outfit was very appropriate as it symbolized freedom of expression black women have longed to enjoy.

“The dress without sleeves was deliberate. This style of dressing was forbidden in places, such as places of worship, courthouses, etc,” he shared. “The breast without bra signifies birth (birth of a nation), and we will no longer feed your children. Her hair (locks) represents the serpent (wisdom, electricity, strength).”

Several oters shared similar positions to Cham and Mr Vegas noting also that Jamaicans, especially those considered ‘intellects’ are always too concerned with other people’s business.

“And this is the reason why we will never be a republic…people like them here weh think dem too bright,” one user posted.

Ellington who no doubt caught news of the social media discussions centred around her, lashed back at critics noting that although seemingly unpopular, her opinion matters.

“There are people in the social media space who believe that only their views matter. Dissenting views won’t let me cower,” she tweeted.

This is not the first time Ellington has come under fire for comments on the ‘appropriateness’ of an entertainer’s outfit or comment. In 2017, Ellington voiced her opinions on comments Ishawna made about the Bandana.

Ishawna had posted a photo on Instagram bearing the caption “mi nuh dress inna tablecloth like Miss Lou.” Ellington at the time believed the entertainer’s comments were disrespectful and said it was high time Jamaicans be re-educated on the cultural significance of the national fabric.

“I believe that popularity can make monsters out of some of us and when that is coupled with ignorance, it can make you utter complete nonsense. Because you are popular does not mean you are informed,” she said at the time. “She (Ishawna) has no idea that it is the national fabric and something should be done about our young people who are influential to others. To take step and liberty of Miss Lou, a national icon that made the Jamaica patios that you are using, acceptable both locally and internationally, is a disgrace. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

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