November 18, 2022

Art Basel Miami Beach to feature Reggae Night

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World-famous for attracting leading lights in the world of art, Art Basel Miami Beach has expanded its arms to include music in recent years. The December 1-3 event in South Florida will have a reggae theme.

Dubbed Reggae Night, it actually ends on December 4 with Legends Only Live, which features Grammy winners Inner Circle, Ky-Mani Marley, and Orlando-based rock/reggae band, Kash’D Out.

A number of reggae bands from diverse backgrounds will perform on Reggae Night which takes place at Skatebird Miami, a venue that caters to the increasingly-popular skateboard craze.

Dan Green is head of Clockwork Music, producers of Reggae Night which he stressed adds variety to the pricy world of avant garde.

“This is very big. Some people want to go see art, some want to go see music, some just want to go out at night. We have the right type of music for them,” said Green.

Abebe Lewis, marketing officer at Inner Circle’s Circle House, believes music stands to benefit from the big spenders associated with art. He added that bands like Inner Circle, best known for the anthems ‘Bad Boys’ and ‘Sweat’, are always looking to expand their brand.

“It helps preserve the legacy, it helps preserve the history, the roots. That’s why we go to the young and the old…you have to have that gumbo to make it work,” said Lewis.

Maffio from the Dominican Republic, Bachaco from Miami and the Kulcha Shok company will also be featured at Legends Only Live.

Art Basel Miami Beach was first held in 2002. The event is also held annually in Basel, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Paris. It showcases art from the world’s leading galleries.

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