National Gallery celebrates 50

February 13, 2024

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National Gallery of Jamaica (NGJ) this year celebrates its 50th anniversary.

First opened to the public on November 14, 1974 at the historic Devon House, at that time the management team was tasked with three key objectives:

• conservation through the acquisition of artworks;

• recreation through exhibiting works for accessible viewing by the Jamaican public; and

• education through programming, scholarship, and community-building.

Half a century later, the present the NGJ team remains steadfast in these commitments.

Still, the NGJ has had to persevere through the changing dynamics of the Jamaican society and cultural infrastructure, all the while expanding its collection, exhibitions, and public offerings and continuing to evolve to serve its various publics, including audiences in western Jamaica, with the establishment of National Gallery West in 2013.

Themed ‘Continuity… A Legacy of Artistry’, the gallery will be directing its energies to pay homage to past accomplishments, while simultaneously reinforcing our commitment to even greater accomplishments in the future.

Key events for the year include ‘The Face of Us’ exhibition until March 31, 2024 and observance of the 113th birthday anniversary of Jamaican intuitive Mallica “Kapo” Reynolds — the exhibition layout Kapo Galleries will be revised and the rooms reopened to the public.

In honour of Kapo’s birthday anniversary this year, the gallery will be premiering on
YouTube a video interview with Dr Karen Carpenter, clinical sexologist and licensed counselling psychologist, and Dr Kirt Henry, senior director of the African Caribbean Institute of Jamaica/Jamaica Memory Bank (ACIJ/JMB) on the topic ‘Gender Dynamics in the Art of Kapo’.

From June 30, 2024 to September 29, 2024 the exhibition entitled ‘Continuity: NGJ 50th Anniversary Exhibition’ will highlight contemporary Jamaican artwork.

September 12, 2024 to October 6, 2024 will see a Japan/Jamaica Photographic Art Exhibition — a collaboration between the NGJ and the Japan Embassy in Jamaica, there will also be a reciprocal exhibition of Jamaican photography scheduled to be hosted in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

On November 10, 2024 NGJ will mount ‘Devon House: Revisited’, an artistic intervention at the gallery’s former home.

Then December 15, 2024 being the Kingston Biennial, the NGJ’s flagship exhibitio

Visitors and supporters can look forward to more details on other initiatives in support of the NGJ’s 50th anniversary.

The NGJ is the largest and oldest public art museum in the English-speaking Caribbean.

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