January 16, 2023

Jermaine Edwards inks Sony deal

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via jamaicaobserver.com

GOSPEL singer Jermaine Edwards has started 2023 on a high note after signing a deal with Sony Music UK last Thursday.

“The deal means that there is an open door to the machine of the world that Sony has that can help me keep control of my music with their directive,” he told the Jamaica Observer.

The deal was signed at the 100 restaurant on Hope Road in St Andrew with representatives of Sony Music UK.

Edwards was tight-lipped about the details of the agreement.

The agreement came about after his 2014 track Beautiful Day earned a new lease on life.

Alongside Edwards, 16-year-old Rushawn Ewears — whose version of Beautiful Day went viral on social media — inked a deal with Sony which will ensure he earns royalties.

Ewears, who was 10 years old at the time he did the video, recorded the song while attending Top Hill Primary School in St Elizabeth.

According to Edwards, who is a mentor to the youngster, he has been showing Ewears the business side of music.

“A lot of people wonder how I feel knowing that a little boy is singing my song but what would be the biggest thing is to ensure that my intellectual property is [not] exploited so everyone can benefit, including Rushawn and his teacher that videoed him. We helped him set up his rights at the copyrights centre so he can set up his royalties. We’ve been doing everything in his interest,” he explained.

Thousands of social media users have since posted their own version of Beautiful Day, earning millions of views.

Edwards added that some established acts have reached out to him about remixes, but he’s still weighing his options.

“A lot of people are waiting on our [he and Rushawn’s] version. I don’t think I need to do one unless it’s with some big artiste. We’re deciding which one we’re gonna do but we’re working on a new song. His voice is more mature now; it is deeper now and people want to hear what he sounds like,” he said.

Overall, the gospel singer is grateful to Rushawn for his contribution to the almost-decade-old track.

“It’s a good vibe; I’m happy that he did it. He added his flavour to it. He didn’t remember some of the lyrics but I’m happy that the intent of the song was captured by Rushawn. He brought it to the world and whatever I wanted it to do with it, he did it,” he said.

Edwards, a former student of Jonathan Grant and later St Catherine high schools in St Catherine, is also known for songs including Peace In My Soul, Don’t Count Me Out, I Will Follow, and My Champion.

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