Ginjah’s Tun Up making moves

February 13, 2024

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Reggae artiste Ginjah is known for creating songs that tackle matters of the heart and social issues.

His latest hit, Tun Up, was inspired by the affection he has for his significant other.

“The song really came about based on the affection and admiration that I have for my woman. I’m always complimenting her and so I decided to turn the compliments and affection into a song. And now, Tun Up is one of the most played songs for me on radio at present,” said Ginjah.

Tun Up was produced by Tads Records.

The song is currently #19 on the South Florida Reggae chart.

Ginjah is quite upbeat about the song’s success.

“I feel elated to know that my music is making waves after all the challenges that I have faced. I’m more concerned about making good songs and songs that will stand the test of time while inspiring others. I am thankful for the song’s success,” said the artiste.

Another song by Ginjah is making its way up the Foundation Radio Network New York Reggae chart.

Bashan (The Lord Says), which was produced by Iconic Azul Entertainment, holds the #14 position.

Known as a hard-working songwriter in the reggae fraternity, Ginjah, who shot to fame with the song Music Alone in 2006, has had successive hits. His hit list includes Can’t Call Ginjah Name, Never Lost My Way, and Sweet Killer.

While he is still promoting his most recent album Soul Man, Ginjah is gearing up to release an album, titled Tun Up, which will be produced by Tads Records.

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