November 1, 2021

Tanya Stephens refuses to travel where ‘human rights given up for entry’

article reposted by Chelsea


It seems Tanya Stephens may be taking the United States off her list of places to travel for the imminent future. This after the US announced earlier this week that come November 8, all non-immigrant, non-citizen, air travellers will have to provide proof of vaccination status before boarding a plane to the country.

In an expletive-laden post on Thursday, the controversial reggae singer shared that she will not be compromising her human rights for travel purposes. 

“Nuh mek nuh p**** trick oonu. This gyal only tek juk from b****. Me nah go nowhere weh mi human rights have to be given up for entry,” a part of her post read.

“World BIG and a long time me a run up and dung inna it from some bwoy deh pon man coattails a hope dem get a buss. Me good,” she continued.

Stephens then denounced insinuations that persons who have publicly criticised vaccinations are secretly taking the jabs.

“Bout hide and tek juk… think we n dem a di same?” she wrote.

The It’s A Pity singer was perhaps referring to the Prime Minister’s recent comments about persons secretly taking jabs while publicly discouraging others. The Prime Minister, who was addressing the House of Representatives on Tuesday, urged Jamaicans not to be tricked by persons who are condemning vaccinations, sharing that that “the greatest irony is that some of the very persons who are preaching against the vaccines, they have gone quietly and privately and they have gotten vaccinated.”

Tanya Stephens has been very vocal in her stance on vaccination. In several posts on her Instagram page over the past few weeks, the entertainer has shared that she refuses to blindly lobby behind any organisation or country that imposes mandatory vaccinations.

In one of her posts, Stephens shared that if the majority of unvaccinated Jamaicans stopped paying taxes or boycotted businesses that issued mandatory vaccination orders, the economy would suffer.

With that said, she encouraged her 89,000 strong following on IG to know their “power”.

“If 2.5 million unvaccinated Jamaicans stop paying taxes, the economy and government will crash. If they refuse medical care for unvaccinated, refuse taxes. Strike and boycott any business that requires vaccine cards which violates your medical privacy,” she posted.

“Know your power. Demand your fellow citizens and the people you employ to govern your lives employ common sense,” she added.

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