February 17, 2023

Students for creative sector internships

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via jamaicaobserver.com

SIXTY students are to benefit from internships in the creative sector, according to Entertainment and Culture Minister Olivia “Babsy” Grange.

The announcement was made at Jamaica Creative Career Expo 2023 held at the Jamaica Conference Centre in downtown Kingston on February 9 which saw students from close to 30 secondary and tertiary schools in attendance.

“My ministry wants to stimulate the continued exponential growth of the creative sector by causing you all to awaken and use your collective imagination and expressions. We will do so in a focused and measured way,” said Grange.

Among the panellists was Dr Miles Davis, president of Linfield University in Oregon, in the United States. He spoke on creative practitioners understanding the business of show business. At the end of Dr Davis’ presentation, he called Minister Grange on stage to formally announce that Linfield University would offer five scholarships a year to students from Jamaica, beginning in September 2023. He hopes to work with the ministry in identify those students with special attention being given to those in the performing arts.

Dr Davis has no Jamaican heritage but felt it was important to help students in the African diaspora no matter where they come from.

“I believe on a very personal level, those of us in the diaspora who are in positions of responsibility to make decisions have to reach out and give back. Jamaica is a hotbed of creativity. And even though people know about reggae, they need to know about the other arts,” he said.

Minister Grange expressed gratitude to Dr Davis for his benevolence.

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