March 20, 2023

Tellah takes a stand against slack music

article reposted by Chelsea


Former Magnum Queens of the Dancehall competition participant Tellah has taken a stand against slack music.

The artiste is urging her female counterparts to promote positive and conscious music.

“I’d love to hear more consciousness coming from the women in dancehall music. Too many of us are singing songs about our private parts and what we do in the bedroom. I know there is a big market for slack songs, but what are we really teaching the children when we record these types of songs? What kind of messages are we sending to our own kids?” Tellah reasoned.

She continued, “When I just started out in the music business a lot of people encouraged me to record slack songs. Although I did not take their advice, I recorded songs that were suggestive, and my stage performances were raunchy and sexually provocative. However, as I got more mature, I decided to move away from that kind of music. I am incredibly happy that I made that decision because the songs that I record now are positive and uplifting and I love that.”

Tellah, who finished third in the Magnum-sponsored televised competition in 2009, recently released the song Thank You Jah, which was produced by All Spike Productions.

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