September 30, 2021

Mutabaruka criticizes PM for claiming vaccine is “natural” then gets criticized himself

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Rastafari Dub Poet, Mutabaruka has never been shy to share his thoughts on current affairs.

The latest subject of his scrutiny is the Jamaican Prime Minister, Andrew Holness, whom Mutabaruka has criticized for claiming that the COVID-19 vaccine is “natural”.

“He told her that… listen to me carefully… he told her that the vaccine is natural because it was made by God,” said Mutabaruka, referring to Holness’ exchange with a Grants Pen woman who was doubtful of the vaccine due to the anti-vaccination movement.

Mutabaruka goes on to claim that he is quoting the Prime Minister “verbatim”.

The 9-minute clip shared to the Jamaica Observer’s website however shows otherwise with the Prime Minister saying that the vaccines were “made through God by man”.

Aside from the remarks being “distressing”, Mutabaruka takes issue with the statement as it is by definition incorrect, according to the Rastafari poet.

“What does “natural” mean?” he said. “Natural” means something is not man-made. The vaccine is not man-made? Is it that the Prime Minister is trying to tell the Jamaican people that the vaccine is not man-made?”

Mutabaruka furthered his point by adding that unnatural things are used by everyone, including Rastafari and people who claim to be vegetarians. The difference, according to him, is that they do not try to pass these things off as “natural”.

“There are a whole heap of things that we eat and drink that are unnatural, but they help a situation,” he explained in his latest interview on INeverKnewTV.  

He also made it clear that he is by no means against vaccinations.

“Me not fighting against the vaccine ting. Me not fighting against it. Me is a man that says never say never,” he said.

Unsurprisingly, there are those who have called the Rasta elder “disingenuous” for misquoting Holness.

One user, who agreed that the vaccine is not by definition “natural”, did point out that Mutabaruka did in fact misquote the Prime Minister.

They said, “I just spent 9 minutes and 13 seconds watching the clip of the PM and the Christian lady. The PM was clear that God created the vaccines through man, by giving them knowledge and intelligence”.

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