August 16, 2021

Jamaican Daneil Campbell hits one-million reads on global storytelling platform

article reposted by Chelsea Durrant


In a matter of months, Jamaican author Daneil Campbell has seen great success with her book, Beauty and the Jamaican Don, which was released on the popular online reading platform Wattpad .

The book has already garnered more than one million reads, which is the most reads a book out of Jamaica has ever received on the platform.

In light of this success, Campbell has been in communication with local publishers and production houses to possibly turn the book into film.

More than 1,000 original Wattpad stories have been published, produced, or adapted to TV or film. The company also has a direct publishing division, Wattpad Books, which helps place Wattpad stories on bookshelves everywhere.

“I am amazed by the level of support I have received from fellow Jamaicans, members of the Diaspora and the Caribbean. It has motivated me to continue writing and to know that the sky’s the limit. I can’t wait for fans of my work to see what’s next for this story which has won the hearts of so many across the globe,” said Campbell.

Going by the username notepadgirl96, Campbell ranked as the number one new author on Wattpad, weeks after publishing her digital book.

“The success of this book has been overwhelming. In fact, on Independence Day we hit one million reads, which was an incredible accomplishment and an honour. I am humbled by the support and hope to do so much more with this series, to keep my readers engaged,” said Campbell.

Beauty and the Jamaican Don is currently ranked number one in platform’s Caribbean, Jamaican and exotic lists. It also previously topped Wattpad’s black love and new author categories.

The series, which is set in Kingston, is the love story of Dylan and Abby, who hail from opposing socio-economic backgrounds.

Dylan is the wealthy and spoiled son of an incarcerated ‘don’ who hails from the community of Grant’s Pen, St Andrew, while Abby is a quiet yet friendly young woman who moved to Kingston from a humble home in rural Jamaica.

The two meet by chance and are instantly drawn to each other — but their differences in values, attitudes and lifestyle pose a massive threat to their relationship.

Campbell has started the second book in the series titled Beauty and the Jamaican Don’s Return. Though only a few chapters of this have been published, she is encouraging fans of the series to start reading and join her on the journey, as she uploads additional content periodically.

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