September 26, 2022

I Noah promotes righteousness

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REGGAE artiste I Noah reminds listeners about Rastafari ‘livity’ and righteousness with his latest single Rastafari Rule.

The song is featured on the Safe Moon rhythm from Vertex Productions.

I Noah, whose real name is Clayton Heslop, explained the idea behind Rastafari Rule.

“Well, my producer gave me the rhythm and when I heard it, an ancient feeling came over me so I decided to stay away from trending topics because it seems like our people forget about livity and righteousness, so this is just a reminder,” he explained.

Rastafari Rule was released in May; a video accompanying the track was released in August. It was directed by Vertex Films and shot on location in Canada.

I Noah is quite upbeat about the feedback that the song has been receiving.

“The feedback has been very encouraging as the Rastafari community has welcomed the project and my streaming numbers have multiplied since the release. Insiders have given it [the] thumbs up and the song is playing all over. DJs from far and wide have sent clips playing the song on the radio stations so give thanks for the support,” he said.

I Noah is from the community of Point Hill in St Catherine. His love for music developed at an early age when he sang in the church choir.

“Music for me began in the church, singing on the choir. I always wanted to record professionally like the great Garnet Silk,” I Noah disclosed.

The soulful roots singer spoke about his journey as an artiste.

“My journey in music has been a Real Struggle, as [is] the title of one of my songs, but I will always Stand Firm, the title of another song so I try to sing about my journey and my every day,” he shared.

Rastafari Rule is featured on I Noah’s most recent album Royalty, which was released in May. The 10-track project was produced by Vertex and it features contributions from the likes of Hardrock Music, Bizzari, Charm B Productions and Nature’s Way Entertainment, among others.

— Kevin Jackson

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