August 12, 2021

Foota Hype reveals he’s been getting death threats over comments on Rasta artistes

article reposted by Chelsea Durrant


Dancehall selector Foota Hype has revealed that he has been getting death threats since he voiced his opinions on Rastas in Jamaica.

The outspoken and often controversial entertainer uploaded screenshots of conversations with two persons threatening to harm him.

In one of the screenshots uploaded, the person threatened to “haunt” Foota Hype; “Foota Hype a 1 uptown youth mind how ya diss dada killas will haunt yuh,” the text read. To which Foota replied “OK iron man”.

In the other text, the person wrote “Foota know weh you a di…don’t play with Dada” to which Foota said “Ok Dada cheerleader”.

Foota Hype has blasted the Rastafarian community, especially those in entertainment, for inaction on issues that affect their community. He has taken issue with the lack of action from them after a young woman was allegedly trimmed by a policewoman while in lock up. Foota Hype reasoned that some Rastafarian entertainers are afraid to take action for fear of losing visas among other repercussions.

But despite the threats, Foota Hype is maintaining that he is afraid of these persons and will continue to speak his mind on these issues.

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