September 29, 2022

Freedom Rally organisers hail Chuck Fenda

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ORGANISERS of the 33rd annual Boston Freedom Rally held at Boston Common, Massachusetts, on September 17 is hailing the event as a success.

According to media reports, 100,000 people were in attendance.

In an interview with the Jamaica Observer, Jennifer Julien Gaskin, director of Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition, confirmed the festival’s high point. She also showered praises on Jamaican act Chuck Fenda.

“We have never, in the 33 years, had so many people. In 2021, we had some 30,000. He is such a great performer and crowd-puller. The organisers were familiar with Chuck Fenda’s music and message. We wanted to have a headliner that connected to the audience and theme ‘Flower To The People’,” said Gaskin.

Other performers included Alxne, Lik Merkari, and Livalect The Healer.

The Boston Freedom Rally has been hosted by the Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition since 1989.

Chuck Fenda is now in the US promoting his music said he was amazed to see so many people just awaiting to see his performance.

“When I looked across it was a sea of people. It shows that when you have laid a great foundation your true fans will support. I unleashed some of my favourite songs, including I Swear, Gash Dem And Light Dem, Eternal Fire, Can’t Cool, Coming Over Tonight, and Affi Win. I am definitely going to be using this success story to get my music across Europe more than ever before,” said Chuck Fenda.

Chuck Fenda, born Leshorn Whitehead, recorded his first song Jah It’s All About You for King Jammy’s label in 1999. His hit songs include All About the Weed, and Gwaan Plant.

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