September 13, 2023

Freddy Browne’s mission to The Rock

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Global sensation, international DJ, and music producer Freddy Browne landed in Jamaica to headline and bring back the much-anticipated party series Brand New Machine, on September 9, 2023, at Holy Smokes. But that’s not all; he is on a multifaceted mission.

“I’m in Jamaica for so many reasons. Brand New Machine (BNM) is, of course, top on my list, and the excitement is through the roof!” Browne shared.

His love for Jamaican talent shines through as he speaks of collaborating with a few.

“Plans are in place for me to do some work with Irie Souljah, who will be featured on a couple of tracks of mine. I also will be meeting with several other vocalists I hope to work with in the future, mainly Annaleax.”

Browne’s work with Jamaican artistes is a testament to his deep connection with the island. His track Everybody Feel Nice (Skank & Move), featuring Devin Di Dakta, amassed over 400,000 views on YouTube.

His collaborations with Jamaican talent, like that with singer/songwriter Andre Fennell, especially the hit Fry Eye, have been resonating widely, notably among Californian cannabis enthusiasts.

What’s more, Browne’s song All Falls Down with Jamaican icon Shaggy is making waves in the music industry.

The mastermind behind Brand New Machine: Return of the Machine, Steve Urchin, said the series is not merely a party; it’s a revolution.

“The original BNM series that Farenizzi and I crafted in Kingston and NYC held such magnetic charm. The persistent requests from fans to rekindle its magic couldn’t be ignored,” Browne said.

He continue by saying that BNM will redefine the boundaries of entertainment, as the event is committed to transcending genres, merging the electrifying beats of EDM with the soulful melodies of Afrohouse, among other creative leaps.

“Every DJ knows their craft is not just to play tracks but to narrate a story, breathe new life into tunes, and make them unforgettable,” said Urchin, “BNM echoes this sentiment and ensures that attendees will be talking about it for years.”

With a star-studded line-up, including the likes of Freddy Browne, DJ Anash, and Tonio, BNM: Return of the Machine is set to be a mega-hit.

To elevate the event’s experience, Le_cognito, the innovative maestro behind Can-D, a futuristic visual company from Cayman Montreal, will be joining forces. Attendees can expect a synergistic melding of electrifying music and cutting-edge visuals.

For all the party aficionados, music enthusiasts, and those who crave an electrifying experience, the organisers say BNM: The Return of the Machine is not to be missed.

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