March 6, 2023

Chrisinti goes for retro sound

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The synth drum sound drove many hit songs during the 1980s. Veteran singer Chrisinti goes for that retro feel on Nothing Will Change, his latest song.

Produced by Issachar Muzik out of Los Angeles and distributed through Tuff Gong International, Nothing Will Change was released in February.

Since he began recording in the early 1990s, Chrisinti has done mainly message-based songs, but is not against doing the occasional ballad.

“I just wanted was to show the side of Chrisinti that my female fans appreciate more. My mission from the get-go was always to please my audience on every scale, and still is today, so if that’s what’s needed, surely I’ll tap into it,” he said.

Nothing Will Change is Chrisinti’s first song for 2023. Although his production output has been low-key in recent years, because of COVID-19 restrictions, there has been the sporadic release of singles like My Trod.

With Nothing Will Change, he and producer Lloyd Shaw of Issachar Muzik went for a sound reminiscent of the sonic Simmonds synth beat that anchored songs 40 years ago by British pop groups like Soft Cell on their massive hit single Tainted Love and Solidarity by Black Uhuru.

In 2019, Chrisinti released Say Yes to Life, his third album and first in 14 years. At the time, he promised the release of his fourth set would not be as long.

He noted that the pandemic-induced break has been beneficial in some ways.

“I’ve been growing and adhering to my responsibilities and working on my craft. Just music and more music and also the coming of an EP or a fourth album,” he said.

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