December 8, 2023

Masicka shows musical growth on Generation of Kings

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Dancehall artiste Masicka says he has grown musically on his sophomore album Generation of Kings, which was released on December 1.

The album is his major label debut for Def Jam Recordings and it is the follow-up to his 2021 release 438, which rose to #2 on the Billboard Reggae Albums chart.

“I would say, musically, I’m more refined and my craft is more elite. I initially started as an underground artiste and 438 gave me a chance to really solidify myself in dancehall, and since then it’s only gotten better,” Masicka disclosed in an interview with the Jamaica Observer.

He also shared the inspiration behind the title of the 16-track project.

Generation of Kings is family and legacy. It is also a representation of excellence and my continuous personal development into a better and better version of myself. Additionally, it is a sign of generational prosperity, as everything I produce is intended to leave a legacy for my children and their future generations,” said Masicka.

And he got the assistance of several of his friends from the dancehall fraternity to deliver a high-powered project, which upon its release topped several iTunes charts globally.

Collaborators include Queen of the Dancehall Spice, Chronic Law, Lila Ike, Popcaan, Dexta Daps, Fridayy, and Fave.

Producers, including Moz “Mozeeko” Hamm, Donald “Razzy” Chen, Atto Wallance, and Mario “Dunw3ll” Dunwell are among those who produced tracks on Generation of Kings.

It is led by the songs Tyrant and Limelight, which have been creating a buzz within the dancehall space.

Limelight is currently to #1 song on charts locally.

Other primed tracks include Black Sheep, Star R Us, Reverse Time, March On, Angels Don’t Cry, WOW, Most Wanted, and Waterfall.

Masicka says he is not surprised at the response to the songs.

“No I’m not really surprised. My fans are very vocal and dem don’t play to bad me up, so I know what they like to hear and what they want more of,” he reasoned.

Originally from Portmore in St Catherine, Masicka, whose real name is Javaun Fearon, has been churning out hits over the past decade, among them They Don’t Know, Leader, I Wish, Pack a Matches, Just a Minute, and Pieces featuring Jahshii.

Asked how he consistently connects with his fan base, Masicka said: “I give all my fans a little of everything and it keeps them excited to see what we dropping next. Today might be me motivating the yutes to work their honest living and keep their heads up, and then next week me a remind them say life out there to live and nothing no wrong with a little flossing.”

Masicka said this may be his greatest work yet.

“A lot of effort went into this album, even more than 438. My fans can expect a compilation of my greatest songs to date. This album is me showing my fans that we never yet complacent and always a work on something for them.” he charged.

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