January 23, 2024

Zidii has the winning Formula

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via jamaicaobserver.com

Four years ago, when he began posting short-form comedy content on social media platform TikTok, Zidii had no idea that it would lead to an emerging career in music.

“TikTok has been very pivotal in my career. It actually does play a big part, because it was just me posting videos and the feedback I got was really good. If it wasn’t TikTok there wouldn’t have been a Formula,” breakout artiste Zidii shared in an interview with the Jamaica Observer’s Splash recently.

Formula, a song he wrote, and which was produced by Mari The Producer, has been doing well at FM radio and in parties. It has also become a favourite among females.

“The support has been crazy since we dropped Formula three months ago. Everyone seems to love the song and I’m just taking this newfound fame in stride,” said Zidii.

Formula’s official music video has racked up more than 2.1 million views on YouTube since its release.

The song peaked at #1 on the Jamaica Apple Music iTunes chart in late October.

A former student of Wolmer’s Boys’ School, Zidii (real name Zidane Butler) moved to the United States with his mother in 2017 when she received a job offer in Florida.

“My mom got a job opportunity and I went up with her. Before I left Jamaica, and while attending Wolmer’s, I tried to play shot put in the seventh grade. I was a fat kid, but it didn’t work out. But I did play volleyball for the school,” Zidii shared.

He continued: “When I started blowing up on TikTok [he has over a million followers on that platform], I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do as a career. I wanted to go to college, but that didn’t work out and my mom to this day isn’t happy about that decision. I had no plan as to what I wanted to do, but I knew I didn’t want to work for anyone.”

Zidii says his target demographic is the ladies.

“The maamz dem shift. Yuh nah go hear me sing scamming or chopping songs. It’s all about the ladies,” he shared.

Now 22 years of age, Zidii made his recording debut in 2021.

“I didn’t find my own sound then. My music is different now, compared to then. I [have now] found my own unique sound, which is what has defined my style,” he said.

While growing up, Zidii said he admired the work of international dancehall artiste Sean Paul.

“Sean Paul is one of the artistes I looked up to when I was coming up in the game. He is really focused on his international collaborations and that really impressed me, as a fan,” Zidii reasoned.

For 2024, Zidii has promised to release more music.

“New music is on the way. Everything is going up from here. My next single was produced by DJ Mac. We also have a project working on as well. I’m willing to work with anyone as long as the vibe is good,” said Zidii.


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