November 16, 2023

Unforgettable acoustic vibes at Irie Souljah’s All About Love EP launch

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Reggae aficionados and devoted fans converged at Janga’s Sound Bar and Grill on Saturday night for an extraordinary EP launch event featuring the soulful melodies of renowned artiste Irie Souljah.

The intimate acoustic performance captivated the audience, forging a connection through the power of music.

Irie Souljah, celebrated for his distinctive fusion of reggae and soul, took the stage with a soulful acoustic style, mesmerising the audience with his heartfelt lyrics and masterful guitar skills.

The EP launch introduced tracks from his latest creation, All About Love, promising an emotional voyage through his musical evolution.

Adding an enchanting dimension to the evening, Grammy Award-winning Kabaka Pyramid made a surprise appearance, adding to the delight of the evening.

The synergy between Irie Souljah and Kabaka Pyramid bore witness to their artistic chemistry, culminating in a captivating live performance of Irie Souljah’s beloved classics.

“I was deeply honoured to share the stage with Irie Souljah for this special occasion. The energy emanating from the audience was nothing short of incredible, and it was a privilege to partake in this moment with such a talented artiste and cherished friend,” expressed Kabaka Pyramid.

The EP launch represents a significant milestone in Irie Souljah’s musical odyssey, showcasing his artistic evolution and setting the stage for a future that brims with potential.

Irie Souljah said he remains grateful for his blessings.

He is set to embark on his inaugural tour in Costa Rica late this month.

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