September 15, 2021

UEFA orders Ajax to remove ‘Three Little Birds’ from jerseys

article reposted by Chelsea


Dutch football club Ajax had to remove the three little birds from their 2021-2022 kit to comply with UEFA equipment regulations.  

According to reports, UEFA, Europe’s football governing body, have instructed Ajax to remove the ‘three little birds’ insignia on their kits.

AFC Ajax had unveiled their third kit recently which incorporated the use of a Bob Marley-inspired theme connected to his song, ‘Three Little Birds’. The shirt was mainly black with red, gold, and green trim with three birds nestled at the back of the neck.

However, it seems that UEFA has found a conflict with the imagery and has called on Ajax to make the required adjustments to the shirt. According to the Ajax Life website, the response from the club was that “The European Football Association (UEFA) sees it as a different expression than the club logo, logo clothing sponsor or sleeve sponsor.”

“Other expressions are not allowed,” it further stated.

It seems that the club has since adhered to the instructions because on Saturday in an Eredivisie match against PEC Zwolle, the birds were no where to be seen.

For Ajax, the love of the track Three Little Birds started in 2008 following a match against Cardiff. Since then it has become a fan favourite, and after the kit became available, it sold out in record time.

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