October 17, 2023

Top Ghana selector dreams of Jamaican experience

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CONSIDERED Ghana’s top sound system selector, DJ Nature Won has ‘rammed’ many dances throughout his homeland, as well as in other West African countries such as Nigeria, Togo, The Gambia, and Cote d’Ivoire. However, he longs to make his mark in the toughest arena of them all.

“Of course, that’s one of my biggest dreams [to play in Jamaica]. Jamaica is the trendsetter of this culture, and I have to visit my people of Jamaica, play and entertain them,” he told the Jamaica Observer recently.

DJ Nature Won operates Nature Won Sound Intl, a sound system that covers all genres of Jamaican music ­— from mento to dancehall. He credits its eclectic playlist for his popularity in Ghana where he also hosts a weekly show on Dofopa 105.1 FM, a radio station based in Accra, the country’s capital.

Born in Logos Town Takoradi in western Ghana, the 42-year-old lives in Accra, which has arguably the hottest reggae scene in Africa. Artistes such as Stonebwoy, Shatta Wale and Rocky Dawuni made their names there before branching out globally.

Working with Jamaican stars such as Sean Paul and Beenie Man has helped give those acts dancehall “street cred”. The spontaneity of a Nature Won Sound Intl event has earned its owner a wide following.

“I broadly run a universal playlist, according to the bookings calling sheet,” said DJ Nature Won, who said he discovered Jamaican music by chance as an 11-year-old in his hometown.

Born King Kutah Francis, he ran errands for his Uncle Steve, a reggae fan who operated a bar in Logos Town Takoradi. As reward for one of those assignments he was allowed to play a cassette from Steve’s vast reggae collection.

His first ‘selection’ was Peter Tosh’s 1976 album, Legalize It, which not only rocked the bar but made DJ Nature Won an instant fan of roots-reggae.

“From that very day he told me to come and clean the DJ booth after school every day, so I would select a cassette and play it after cleaning,” he recalled.

DJ Nature Won got his first official job as a selector on Lucky Sounds, a sound system from his hometown owned by a regular customer at his uncle’s bar. Over 10 years ago he started Nature Won Sound Intl which plays mainly at hot spots throughout Accra.

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