October 23, 2023

Star ReggaeBeat still breaking barriers after 18 years in industry

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via jamaicaobserver.com

AFTER 18 years, global public relations, music production, and artiste management company Star ReggaeBeat has carved a niche in a highly competitive industry.

The company, which is led by a woman who refers to herself as Star, has contributed to the careers of stalwarts such as Richie Spice, Sean Paul, Konshens, Capleton, Chuck Fenda, Patra, Hezron and Mallam Spicey.

“The road to success has not been a straight or an easy one for Star ReggaeBeat, having to constantly prove itself in the competitive world of music and entertainment, along with attempts to gain support for the cause of making and promoting good, diverse music.

“Business means taking risks which sometimes do not bring or guarantee success,” the founder and CEO told the Jamaica Observer.

Star ReggaeBeat started out in 2005 doing TV hosting for a local cable station in South Florida, USA. Further opportunities paved the way to cover local and international events between Jamaica and the USA, including Reggae Sumfest, Rebel Salute, and South Beach (Miami) Fashion Week.

Star further said that a cohesive business plan is what fuelled the success of the company for almost two decades.

“Solid business management determines the strength and ‘lastingness’ of a company. The outstanding recognition and high level of success achieved by this company globally proves that Star ReggaeBeat has a solid foundation, surrounded by professional and brilliant business minds, to compete in today’s competitive music arena.

“Star ReggaeBeat is in a class by itself, creating it’s own style and path for the advancement and promotion of diverse-sounding, top-quality music. Music is life,” she said.

In addition the CEO explained that she has had to contend with multiple challenges throughout her career. However, she remains determined to continue to make her mark on an international level.

“Music, along with faith in God, has helped me through the difficult periods along my journey of life, including the recent loss of both my parents. This company was established to produce and promote unique, top-quality, uplifting music that can unite and edify the world; providing not only entertainment but an outlet for motivation and togetherness, and bringing hope as every individual has their struggles. Every person has a story to tell,” she said.

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