October 3, 2022

Something Special from Marlon Brown

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Reggae singer Marlon Brown recently released his debut album titled Something Special.

“This album is the culmination of all the experience that I have gained working alongside some of the very best musicians and producers in the music business. I’ve learned a lot. I’ve come a long way and it’s time for the world to know my music,” said the artiste.

The eight-track album features songs such as the title track Something Special, Bong, She’s Got, Love at First Sight, Covenant, Steal Your Joy, and Africa.

“The songs on the album were inspired by personal experiences and things that I’ve observed in society. There are love songs on the album as well as songs that address social issues,” he said.

Brown assembled an all-star cast of musicians for the album, which includes Earl Chinna Smith, Sangie Davis, Chris Meredith, Dalton Browne, Robbie Lyn, Franklyn “Bubbler” Waul, Frank “Jungle George” Howse, Ozoune Sundalya, Daniel “Axe Man” Thompson, Dwight Pinkney, Isax, Stanley Bryan, Shaun Darson, and Wilburn “Squidley” Cole.

Background vocals were provided by Earl Smith Jr, Dalton Browne, Micah Abrahams, Tanica Muschette, Empress Brave, Marie Smith-Hines, and Bobby Burns.

“I feel blessed and honoured that I was able to work with so many great musicians and background vocalists on this project. I am grateful to everyone who has played a role in the production of my album,” said Brown.

He’s currently promoting the video for the third single off the album, Something Special.

Something Special is produced by Brown and was released on his MB Records imprint earlier this year.

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