Shawn Ice Elevated 2.0

February 7, 2024

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After the success of his track Elevated , dancehall artiste Shawn Ice is preparing to debut Elevated 2.0 to kick-start his year.

The project is produced by Blaqk Sheep Music.

“Elevated was a big deal for me. The fiery single invigorated my fan base, especially the segment of smokers.

Elevated 2.0 continues this momentum, but with more intense melody, wordplay, and hard hitting punchlines. I am a more mature artiste now. My sound and delivery have been honed, which one can hear on Elevated 2.0. Overall, I believe fans will connect and vibe with both song,” he told the Jamaica Observer.

As Shawn Ice received continual requests for the record, the deejay anticipates that the response will be equally favourable for his new offering.

“This is a feel-good song and I believe the people dem can benefit from Elevated 2.0 vibes right ya now,” Shawn Ice added.

“I anticipate increased excitement! The crazy buzz Elevated 2.0 is already garnering is a clue. Because music from me is overdue, I believe that fans will genuinely appreciate my first effort of the year. I am claiming greatness for the record and my first charts entrance. I am ready to experience this,” he said.

A past student of Islington High School in St Mary, Shawn Ice (given name Shawn Thompson) will also be releasing a track titled Amazing and an EP titled Entity later this year.

The deejay added that he has been experimenting with other genres for wider reachability.

“The talent is there. Recording the right songs to reach wide audiences is key, which is why my projects are being strategically mapped out,” Shawn Ice said.

Shawn Ice is also booked to perform in St Louis and Atlanta.

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