September 25, 2023

Sarah Couch captivates with her soulful EP

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Jamaican R&B gets a new face with What Do We Know, a concept EP about love and loss from Kingston-based singer-songwriter Sarah Couch.

The songs are a dreamy and emotional exploration of life, relationships, and self-discovery.

Couch serenades listeners by baring her truth over catchy and captivating rhythms produced by Chillmuchmore. Both long-time friends and neighbours, the production captures the synergy between Couch and Chillmuchmore, as the sound merges genres such as R&B, roots-reggae and neo-soul into a melting pot of relatable beats.

With Chillmuchmore being privy to Couch’s personal and professional journey, the production envelopes a signature sound all her own.

The lyrics are a deeply personal reflection of Couch’s expression and growth while overcoming confusion and heartache, read a promotional release.

“All of the songs are based on my personal experiences. It’s my most authentic expression; it’s a love story, it’s my truth and my feelings,” said Couch, “I hope all the songs help to connect more love, as I feel we all go through it to some extent, and within the beauty of originality there is always relatability. We share common ground.”

The flavour in Couch’s songwriting can be found to detail the Jamaican traditions peppered in from her homegrown identity.

Couch’s mother, Suzanne, was a renowned jazz singer and caterer in Kingston, loved for her ability to deeply connect with audiences. Her mother’s influence of nurturing the soul through food and music emanates in Couch’s ethereal sound today.

Presented by Delicious Vinyl Island and 12 Yaad Records, What Do We Know (EP) — with tracks Flexin, Moisturize, Peace Of Mind, Set It Off, and What You Said — is now available on all platforms.

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