August 4, 2021

Kabaka Pyramid promises more

article reposted by Chelsea Durrant


Reggae recording artiste Kabaka Pyramid is still basking in the results of his first rhythm, Victory Rock , which was released earlier this year.

In an interview with the Jamaica Observer the artiste noted that based on the response to the project from all areas including artistes and the general public to his maiden project of this nature, there is a possibility he could be back in that arena very soon.

“It was just great all around. I couldn’t ask for any thing better it was such a joy to work with all these artistes. Victory Rock was amazing. Every single, every artiste made it a worthwhile venture. When I see how a number of the artistes put there own resources forward to push certain aspects like their videos, etc, I am just so pleased with it.”

“For sure I would do it again. I will just have to evaluate things and see when the time is best to launch another project. So many of the artistes who are on this riddim have reached out to me to say when I am doing another, we are ready to work again,” he added.

In a previous interview, Kabaka Pyramid explain the back story behind his début rhythm.

“It’s a one-drop rhythm. I haven’t recorded on it myself, but I am more in production and working on the mixing right now to get it out during the summer. It’s more of a singer’s rhythm and I have nine songs on it so far, and I am definitely looking to pushing it out. The name Victory Rock is based on a song that Alaine did on the rhythm. Other artistes who have recorded on it are Romain Virgo, Chris Martin, Bugle, Pressure Buss Pipe. I have some younger talent like Irie Souljah, Tamo J… Gentleman, and Chris Martin also have a song on it. This is definitely something I’ve always wanted to do. I’m a community sort of person, always wanting to bring people together and bridge the gap dem, so the producing side is one way of doing that. Even members of my band, The Bebble Rockers, played on this rhythm so there is that live music aspect to it, and we just want to keep the thing unified,” Kabaka Pyramid said.

The artiste is currently in the final stages of preparation for the Good Vibes Summer Tour of the United States. He will be joining British reggae veterans Steel Pulse and fellow Jamaican Keznamdi on the road, all organised by powerhouse American reggae band Rebelution.

The tour will kick off in Fresno, California, on August 5 and run until October 2, where it will end in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Along the way, the artistes will perform in cities across continental United States. These include Phoenix, Arizona; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Spokane,Washington; Eugene, Oregon; Salt Lake City, Utah, Las Vegas, Nevada; Austin, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia; Baltimore, Maryland; Boston, Massachusetts; and Charlotte, North Carolina.

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