December 16, 2021

Ras-I If You Don’t Mind shows off singer’s versatility

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Reggae artist Immanuel ‘Ras-I’ Kerr has released ‘If You Don’t Mind’, the third single off his highly anticipated ‘Kingman’ EP.

The track which is a collaborative effort between Ras-I and music production collective Koastal Kings, was released on November 19 and is an ode to lovers across the globe.

A sultry, slow-groove track, the single serves as an ‘open-letter’ about the artiste’s feelings regarding a past romantic partner. According to a release, the song holds a special place in his heart.

“The track came from a special place. I had a conversation where my sistren said she was unsure about how I felt with regards to certain aspects of our relationship and so I wanted to capture that feeling while ensuring the song had the same ‘feel good’ energy’,” he shared.

Adding a “refreshing twist” to Ras-I’s traditional reggae sound, If You Don’t Mind blends Afrobeats and Dancehall to create what the entertainer’s public relations team describes as a ‘slow-groove’ bound to mesmerize those already swept up in love.

The artiste’s team says the single is proof that their client’s versatility knows no bounds and that he possesses the innate ability to “blend different genres while still maintaining the message of consciousness and love.”

In addition to If You Don’t Mind, the entertainer’s most recent releases include Lock It Down and Better Than That featuring Blvk H3ro. The latter follows up on the singer’s highly successful single, Kingman Ting which was released last year. The track which was also a collaboration between Ras-I and Koastal Kings is now the artiste’s most viewed single on YouTube with more than 33,000 views. Ras-I’s upcoming EP is named after the Kingman Ting track. It is slated to be released next year.

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