January 30, 2023

Sweet and Dandy for EarthKry

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via jamaicaobserver.com

Reggae band EarthKry said it went for an authentic old-school feel for their sophomore EP Dandy Shandy.

“The fans really, really love this project because of the vintage sound it has. Not many people knew this album was recorded by some Jamaicans in this current times. We have so many requests and great reviews from media outlets and personalities who we admire. We glad that our work have their attention to us. That means it’s a good project,” keyboardist and band leader Phillip McFarlane told the Jamaica Observer.

The roots-reggae-flavoured Dandy Shandy was released on January 20. It was recorded at Tads Recording Studio in Kingston.

EarthKry’s other members of the band are drummer Kieron Cunningham, bass guitarist Kamardo Blake and vocalist/guitarist Aldayne Haughton. The group’s other projects include their debut EP Hard Road (2015) and an album Survival (2017).

The latest project, however, has its own flair, according to McFarlane.

“It’s vintage sound reggae album with a mixture of rocksteady, ska, and 70s and 80s reggae style. From the recording and mixing process, songwriting, harmonies and composition. We wanted to emulate that vintage sound from the golden era,” he said.

McFarlane is urging other members within the reggae fraternity to revert to more authentic sounds.

“Well, we personally think we need a more collective unit of us pushing authentic reggae. We won’t tell and dictate how an artiste should create; however, the fans around the world been asking for more authentic reggae music. We are been booked all over the world from USA, Europe, Australia, Latin America, and Middle East. This [is] solely because they want authentic reggae like what we do. So, I really want more bands to step up and push hard to get their music out there as they are essential part of reggae music,” he explained.

In the meantime, the group is focused on promoting Dandy Shandy for the rest of the year.

“Well, we will have an album also next year. Which will be very good. But for now we have our tours coming up,” McFarlane added.

Started in 2013, the name EarthKry signifies the group’s mission to voice the grievances of the downtrodden through their music.

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