February 28, 2023

Lisa Harris’s second coming

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via jamaicaobserver.com

ALTHOUGH it has been eight months since its release, artiste Lisa Harris is still basking in the success of her sophomore album Strong Tower.

“The feedback has been amazing. The title track Strong Tower, along with other songs on the album, has been well received. As such, I have developed quite a following on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram as well as on digital stores like Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and so on,” she told the Jamaica Observer.

The 11-track album was self produced. It follows her first album, No Worry, released in 2010.

Strong Tower was conceptualised to provide motivation for listeners going through hardship.

Strong Tower was written, produced and released during the rage of COVID. At that time people were becoming ill, losing their jobs — and this was in addition to the everyday trials and temptations of life. Children of God were also coping with the negative effects of climate events such as hurricanes and flooding. People felt vulnerable and exposed and needed a strong tower to shield them and protect them. It was in this context the album Strong Tower was produced, and it appears as if it has resonated with many listeners who find comfort in the message that Jesus Christ never changes and He’ll always be our tower of refuge,” she said.

Hailing from Reach District in Portland, Harris now resides in Antigua and has been involved in music for as long as she can remember, having sung in church and school, with a professional career spanning 18 years.

— Kediesha Perry

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