August 9, 2021

Black Hero talks plans to tap into international market

article reposted by Chelsea Durrant


Conscious artiste Black Hero told BUZZ that he and his team are laser-focused on creating the “next Black Hero full-length project” which will feature international acts.

“Me and the team have been working on the next full-length Black Hero project; what it’s going to sound like, what it’s going to look like; what it will feel like; the textures, the visuals,” he said.

“We’re focusing a lot more on the international market. We linked up with DJ Khaled recently, and with HER, and the MIGOS. We’re just putting more work forward in the international market.”

The artiste is also in the process of sharing a follow-up single to his song It Nuh Easy. According to Black Hero, this mystery track will be “something for the ladies”.

A Portmore native and eclectic performer, Black Hero was among the Jamaican artists treating a Swedish audience to reggae music in the recently live streamed Uppsala Reggae Festival.

Black Hero relished the experience. He was particularly grateful to be given the chance to vibe with the Swedish audience via a screen provided in-studio by the team at Harry J Studio. This enabled Black Hero, and the crowd in Sweden to get a more “complete” festival experience throughout the event.

“I liked having the screen in-studio. It gave me a feel of who’s there even if we are not in the same venue. You get a feel of what’s happening — are they vibing? It kept me engaged knowing I wasn’t alone, and there was a crowd of people there in Sweden ready to enjoy the music,” he said.

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