October 11, 2023

‘I am one of the greats’

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One of the acts who helped define dancehall music in the late 1990s, Mr Vegas’s career is as durable as the genre’s marquee acts. Aware that he does not get similar acclaim as some of his major counterparts, the singjay says his record speaks for itself.

“I believe that no one can fairly say I am not one of the greats. Therefore, I don’t worry about who choose to keep it as a secret,” Mr Vegas declared during an interview with the Jamaica Observer.

The 49-year-old artiste makes no secret about his accomplishments on God Out (Enuh), his latest song. It has the revivalist feel that drove songs like Tek weh Yuhself and I Am Blessed to chart glory.

On God Out (Enuh), Mr Vegas gives credit to the Most High for the hits that made him a dancehall force since Head High exploded in 1997. That song earned him coverage in hip publications such as Vibe magazine, as well as spots in the British national chart and Billboard’s R&B chart.

Nike Air, Hot Gal Today (with Sean Paul), Sweet Jamaica and Do You Know are other songs that kept Mr Vegas relevant for almost 30 years. Most of his songs, he points out, are radio-friendly and can also be played in hardcore dances.

The same can be said for his latest effort which was released on September 29, his birthday.

“The message behind God Out (Enuh) is that music in this era can be enjoyable; every song does not have to be about freakiness to appeal to the masses,” Mr Vegas explained.

Clifford Smith (his real name) followed his older brother Carlton Smith of The Tamlins into the music business. Songs like Jack it Up and Latest News set the pace for the risqué Nike Air and Heads High, which announced the St Andrew-born artiste as a serious contender.

Despite criticism of him grabbing tabloid headlines due to sensational utterances, Mr Vegas says talent, not controversy, has kept him current.

“I am still in the game because of the quality music I have put forward. For example, I am Blessed still plays everywhere,” he said. “It is very important to reinvent oneself. Currently, I am working on projects with Latin and French artistes. This has helped me to bridge the generation gap.”

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