July 12, 2021

Here’s why Stacious joined the Jamaica Festival Song Competition 2021

article reposted by Chelsea Durrant

via Buzz-Caribbean.com

Dancehall star, Stacious, told BUZZ Caribbean that she is determined to add another woman to the winner’s list of festival song entrants.

 “In the 55 years of the Jamaica Festival Song Competition, a woman has only won once. So I would definitely love a chance to step things up there,” she said.

The artiste is also looking to “bridge the gap” between the younger and older generations at the Jamaica Festival Song Competition 2021.

“I decided to join the Jamaica Festival Song Competition because I realized there is a disconnect between the younger generation and the competition. I also want to show others who are looking to compete that their songs don’t have to sound like the last winning song,” she said.

“You can bring you to the table; a sound of inspiration; a sound that is simply celebrating who you are.”

Like many Jamaicans, Stacious’ history with the Jamaica Festival runs deep.

“As a child, I was involved in other JCDC events like Speech and Drama. In my teenage years, I was a contestant in Miss Jamaica Festival Queen where I made it to the Semi-Finals, the parish leg,” she said.

While the artiste never attended Festival as a mere spectator, she remembers all too well the rich energy and patriotism that Festival invoked in her and those around her, as they watched from the comfort of their home.

She said, “I would watch the Jamaica Festival on TV, and I remember the performances, the energy, the excitement; people were celebrating being Jamaican more back then. We want to bring back that feeling of love, hope, and just celebrate who we are as a people.”

For Stacious, the Jamaica Festival is important as it is a reminder of what the Jamaican people have been through.

“We have been through so much and we always overcome. We always finish on top. We may have little to nothing sometimes, but our spirit, our energy is always stellar. And sometimes, we deserve a pat on the shoulder, especially with what we’ve been through over the past year,” she told BUZZ.

Having not performed for over a year, she is most excited about the live shows if they are permitted for the 2021 competition.

“I have not performed for a while and I am itching to get back on stage and just hol’ a vibes. Even if it’s not a long set, you know, it’s just that time that I get to escape, let loose, and have some fun. The shows are what is exciting me right now,” she finished.

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