June 28, 2021

Freddie McGregor celebrates his 65th birthday, says he’s grateful to be alive

article reposted by Chelsea Durrant

via buzz-caribbean.COM

Reggae singer Freddie McGregor is celebrating his 65th birthday.

The legendary Jamaican artiste who turned 65 on Sunday (June 27) took to social media to share his feelings on what is traditionally considered a milestone age -the “retirement age”.

According to McGregor not only is he happy to be alive but he is happy to be alive in good health.

“Today is my 65th Earth Strong and I am very grateful and excited, “ said McGregor on Facebook.

“Thank you God for blessing me with another Earth Strong. I’m truly blessed to see another Earth Strong in great condition,” he added.

To commemorate McGregor’s special day BUZZ is sharing five cool facts about the artiste.

1. The Clarendon native began his music career in 1963 when he was just seven years-old , his name at the time was  “Little Freddie”.

2. While most people know him as a singer, he’s also a drummer.

3. McGregor established his Big Ship label in 1983, and has produced many artists including Papa San, Lieutenant Stitchie, Tiger, Luciano and Mikey Spice.

4. In 2002, his Anything For You album was nominated for a Grammy.

5. McGregor converted to Rastafari in 1975, he is a member of Twelve Tribes.

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