March 24, 2023

Double serving of Mello Vibes

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While most of the major entertainment activities are usually concentrated within the Kingston Metropolitan Area, the promoters of the popular retro party series Mello Vibes have decided to spread their wings to western Jamaica.

“We had two stagings last year in Montego Bay and we are looking forward to more this year based on the excellent reception from the second city,” promoter Omar Perrin shared.

This Saturday night, party fans are in for a treat as there will be a double staging of Mello Vibes, one in Kingston at the Mas Camp and another at Pier 1 in Montego Bay.

Said Perrin, “We are always looking for new and exciting offerings for our patrons, so we decided to try something that’s never been done locally and do two cities, one night,” said Perrin.

He added that patrons can expect non-stop dancing and great vibes at both events.

“Patrons can expect the usual Mello vibe. Non-stop dancing, hits after hits, drink specials, and just guaranteed fun all night.”

For the Kingston leg, DJs Liquid, Smoke and Smurf will be tasked to keep patrons in a party mood, while unveiling the hits of yesteryear.

Meanwhile, over in Montego Bay, Nico Bam Bam, DJ Krazy Kris, and DJ Theron are scheduled to unleash their catalog of hit songs.

Asked what keeps patrons coming to the event after more than 15 years, Perrin said, “Mello Vibes has been kept flowing from the energy of our patrons and our desire to execute an event that brings fun and a way for our patrons to release their stress even for one night.”

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