March 13, 2023

DJ Shortman pushes Kush Nights

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DJ Shortman confesses that he has a passion for several different genres of music, but a special place for the music out of Jamaica.

His father was a DJ in New York, and that’s where his interest in music was piqued.

“I grew up around music. My father was one of the top DJs in upstate New York and I followed his path in 1995 as a DJ. Before I began to play music I learned piano at church, and three years later switched to alto saxophone, which followed my career as a DJ at age 13,” DJ Shortman shared.

Although he is of Bajan heritage, DJ Shortman, whose real name is Kalem Rogers, resides in Rochester, New York.

“I came up with the name Kush Nights in 2013 after reading about Kingdom of Kush; it was a country on the trade route for the Nile and Red Sea. The idea of being the centrepiece of trade to many countries and people motivated me to form what is known as Kush Nights Entertainment,” DJ Shortman explained.

After establishing his label Kush Nights Entertainment, DJ Shortman ventured into music production three years ago. He has worked with several Jamaican entertainers, including rising artiste Elvitcho, Chino, Versi and Qnique.

DJ Shortman, who once worked in radio, said he has been instrumental in the success of several artistes through the years.

“I tried working in radio but didn’t like the restrictions of what I could play. There are artistes who I’ve played and supported before they reached the successful stage. The ability to know a good artiste is not an easy thing,” said DJ Shortman.

“My music journey is an experience that could become a movie. I’ve been around so many artistes; from Grammy-nominated and Grammy-winning, [including the likes of] Missy Elliott, Beenie Man, Baby Cham, Serani, Stephen McGregor, Shabba Ranks, Mavado, Spragga Benz, and many more,” he shared.

He recently released two singles, Oh Gosh by Stylo G and Zelle by Elvitcho.

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